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Seminar Series Overview

This seminar is intended as a tutorial for researchers to learn more about structural dynamics, experimental modal analysis, substructuring, and their application to joint mechanics. For this seminar series, we have chosen to focus spring seminars on tutorials to prepare graduate students for the summer research camps, and fall seminars on cutting-edge topics within our community. Some of the upcoming presentations will include Gaetan Kerschen giving an overview of Nonlinear Normal Modes (June), and, in the fall, Alessandra Vizzaccaro giving a talk on normal forms for model reduction of geometrically nonlinear structures. More to come later.

Lastly, you probably noticed that we are not using zoom for this. Instead, we’re trying to host this in to see if that’s more conducive to community building and hosting the seminar simultaneously. More info on this and the other new activities of the community to come later too.

To get the link for accessing the meetings please email us at

Below is a list of all Seminar Series and Keywords hosted by the Committee on Joint Mechanics.

The full Heirarcal Keyword List is:

  • Overview
  • Contact Mechanics
  • Joint Mechanics
  • Simulation Methods
    • Frequency Domain
    • Quasi-Static
    • Transient
  • Modal Analysis
    • Nonlinear Modal Analysis
    • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
    • Contact Modeling
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Applications
    • Turbomachinery
      • Underplatform Dampers
      • Tip-shrouds
      • Blade-disk attachment
    • Brakes
  • Tribology
    • Wear
    • Friction and Hysteresis
    • Rough Contact
    • Fretting
  • Nonlinear System Identification
    • Data-Driven Methods
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
    • Nonlinear Normal Modes
    • Normal Forms
    • Perturbation Methods
  • Experimental Techniques
    • Control Methods
    • Experimental Modal Analysis
    • Nonlinear Testing Methods
    • Piezoelectric/Ultrasonic Techniques
  • Model Reduction
    • Interface Reduction
  • Tribomechadynamics

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