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Welcome to the Committee on Joint Mechanics Webpage

On this page, you can find

  1. Current and past benchmark structures studied by the community
  2. Calendar of events (Conferences, Due Dates, Seminars)
  3. Seminar Presentations and associated papers
  4. Research Camps/ Institutes hosted by the community
  5. Job Postings
  6. Recent Graduates in the community

Next Seminar Series

Our Seminar Series will be "The Beauty of Substructuring and Characterization of linear interface dynamics" by Prof. Daniel Rixen and Francesco Trainotti on May 23 at 10 AM Central Time (GMT-05:00). Click Here for more information

The Schedule of talks can also be seen on the calendar for the local time zone.

For more information on our Seminar Series and a List at: List of all Hosted Seminars

Previous Introductory Seminars include:

  1. Understanding Jointed Interfaces Through Tribomechadynamics
  2. Introduction to Structural Dynamics
  3. Introduction to Nonlinear Normal Modes
  4. Introduction to Harmonic Balance and Continuation Methods
  5. Non-Contact Diagnostics in Structural Dynamics
  6. Nonlinear Modes of Jointed Structures

Previous Conferences:

  1. Tribomechadynamics Conference 2021

Previous Research Camp Presentations

  1. Tribomechadynamics Research Camp 2022 Final Presentations

Committee Minutes

  1. IMAC 2022 Minutes

Upcoming Events

See the calendar for all upcoming events and dates.

International Conference on Computational Contact Mechanics

Dates: July 5-7, 2023

Where: Torino, Italy

For more information on this Conference please vist.

Tribomechadynamics Research Camp 2022

Dates: June 26th through August 1st

Where: Rice University

For more information on this camp please visit, and here for a list of projects for 2023.

Nonlinear Mechanics and Dynamics Research Institute 2022

Dates: June 13th through August 4th

Where: Sandia National Laboratories

For more information on this camp please visit, and here for a list of projects for 2022.


To add an event to the calendar please email us at: Joints Committee Gmail