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The purpose of this paper repository is to have a curated list of the most impactful papers in the field of joint mechanics. This is mainly thought for the students to have a starting point in their research.

Research papers are stored in the shared drive folder:

or copy:

Papers are organized by the following 9 topics:

  • Tribology (e.g. Wear, Friction and Hysteresis, Rough Contact Modeling, Fretting)
  • Contact Mechanics (e.g. Contact Modeling)
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Solution Methods (e.g., quasi-static, frequency domain solvers, finite element analysis, etc.)
  • Nonlinear System Identification (e.g. Hilbert Transform, Restoring Force Surface, Data-Driven Methods, Time-Frequency Analysis, Wavelets and other methods)
  • Model Reduction (e.g. Hyper Reduction, Modal Derivatives)
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Experimental Techniques (e.g. Nonlinear Testing, Phase-Locked Loop, Controls Based Continuation)
  • Applications and others (e.g. under platform dampers etc. + catch-all when it doesn’t really fit into anything else)

Please send your contributions to Alfredo Fantetti ( You can send either the pdf of the preprint or the published version (if open access). Indicate the folders you'd like the publication to be stored in. The file name should have the following structure:

YEAR_JOURNAL_UNIVERSITIES( or research institute or summer school name if the paper is from a workgroup with many researchers)_PAPERTITLE


2019_TribInt_ImperialCollege_PoliTO_Liege_Rice_Wisconsin_The impact of fretting wear on structural dynamics: Experiment and simulation

(or 2019_TribInt_ND-CSI_The impact of fretting wear on structural dynamics: Experiment and simulation, since this paper was written during the ND-CSI summer school)

Topics: Tribology, Nonlinear Dynamics, Experimental Techniques